Does Horse Care Have To Be Expensive? Neighhhh!

Horse owners have to care for their pets as if they are human children. They need food, water and a place to sleep for the night, and they are only three examples. On average, a horse needs everything from equestrian lessons to shoeing. Quite simply, the cost of owning a majestic animal is not cheap.
Wondering if he knows how much he actually costs me every month?!

But, does it have to be sky high? After all, lots of horse-enthusiasts rack up thousands in bills and expenses over a single year.

Horse care is like everything else in life: there is always another way. The trick for owners is to find the solutions which can cut the costs in two while maintaining the animal’s welfare. Although it sounds difficult, it is by no means impossible. Here are the most common expenses and how to lower them by a significant amount. And no, none of the following is horses for courses!

Feeding – Supplements And Vitamins

Your animal needs food to stay alive. It’s a pretty basic theory which we all buy into! Where horse owners go wrong is with supplements and vitamins. Typically, a friend or a person from the stables might say something like “I give X two of this every day.” As soon as the words leave their lips, your competitive juices start to flow. Well, if he/she is doing it, then I have to do it too. Let’s face it – it’s for the sake of the horse. The action is commendable but the logic is a little wide of the mark. Like all animals, horses are unique and might not need to take a daily dose of tablets. Instead, talk to a vet and ask for their professional opinion. If they aren’t worried, horsey should be fine on a purely forage-based diet.

Health – Vet Care

Horses can’t talk and tell you when something is wrong. It’s up to the owner to spot a problem before it escalates and deal with it as soon as possible. Otherwise, it would cost a fortune in veterinarian fees. Always give your horse a once-over before you put him/her in the stables and tuck it in for the night. Although you’re not a doctor, a lump or a deep scratch isn’t too hard to spot even without a PhD. Inevitably, a horse will need to see a medical professional two to three times a year just for a check-up. Because of the high rate of fees, don’t be scared to ask your vet for a reduction in price. Haggling is a simple way to make sure the animal is in perfect condition without breaking the bank. Other than that, ask a vet for advice on how to maintain your pet’s health. Changing its diet is a small thing yet it can make all the difference according to the experts.

Bedding – Rubber Matting

Everyone wants their horse to be as comfortable as possible, but you don’t want to pay over the odds for a bed. You love an equine animal yet paying more for his/her bed than yours is a little weird. What’s wrong with a bed of hay for the winter? The answer is nothing. One problem with disposable bedding, however, is the constant expense of replacing it. Straw is cheaper than a rubber mat but it might cost more over a long period. Taking the hit and buying a reusable bed which will last years is a savvy move on the whole. Plus, you can always shop around for a better deal if you know where to look. Field Guard has affordable options at the moment, as does Equine Plus. For a bargain, don’t forget to check out eBay and Amazon for second-hand mattresses. As long as it’s in good nick, there’s nothing wrong with a used bed. In fact, it might already be warm!

Accommodation – The Stables

As a rule, horse owners have to rent out a plot at a local stable. In general terms, accommodation for horses doesn’t come cheap. In fact, it will be the highest expense on the list for the majority of people. No one wants to cheap out, especially when a stable can impact the animal. There needs to be a middle ground, and there are quite a few if you want to get creative. As always, negotiating over the price is a solid option, as is paying your way by helping out around the stables. Lots of owners muck out and help with the general running of the place to make accommodation affordable. Anyone that wants to go one step further can build a horse house. With the right plot and inexpensive truck hire, you can create a stable at home. Then, there is no need to pay someone else to look after your pet. The investment will be a long-term gain as long as you plan on keeping horses for the future.

Competition – Transport
It’s never easy to move a horse from one place to another. You could jump and go for a ride, but this isn’t the Wild West! Getting a big animal from A to B requires trucks, trailers and lots of care and attention. Veteran owners won’t need telling that all three cost a fair amount of money. Because renting is a regular expense, you can buy a trailer and industry-regulated tow bar. Again, like building a stable, this is only an option if you get frequent use out of the purchases. Should that be too much, you can ask a friend to loan you the equipment if they are not using it. On a separate note, always carry the passport and relevant documents in case the vehicle is stopped. A random check could result in penalty fees if everything isn’t above board.

Marketing – The Media

Lastly, don’t fall into the trap of falling for marketing campaigns. The equipment you have now is perfectly fine for the time being. As long as you maintain the horse and its gear, there’s no reason to fork out on luxury items.

Do you think horse care has to be expensive? Yay or nay?

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