[Guest Blog] Top Vacation Destinations for Horseback Riding

If horse riding is something which you have always enjoyed as a hobby then why not take it one step further and combine your hobby with an amazing holiday destination? There are many horseback riding vacation choices, from mountainside holidays to beach holidays – you can take your pick.

So whether you’ve always dreamed about riding across the plains, through majestic mountain scenes or along an amazing coastline, you can make those dreams come true by checking out our list of the top vacation destinations for horseback riding. 

Hafl's first and only vacation on the beach so far...

1. Wales

In Wales there are plenty of options for horse-related holidays, from pony trekking in the Welsh hills through to an intensive “learn to ride” for complete beginners vacation. With its amazing landscapes and outstanding views, Wales offers the perfect scenery to be enjoyed from atop a horse.
2. The Rockies

If you’ve always fancied a taste of the cowboy life then why not book a horse riding experience at the Tumbling River Ranch high up among the Colorado Rockies? This spot offers riding itineraries and activities for all ages, making it a perfect destination for horse-loving families.

There are options for full or half-day riding sessions as well as hiking, rodeos, fly-fishing and rafting. Cowboy cookouts are ready to greet you after a full day on horseback, making this an amazing horseback holiday destination.
3. Australia

Canter on beautiful Australian beaches before taking part in a cattle drive for a beef farm – a trail ride in Australia has it all. You can experience both the magic of the sunshine coast, the delights of trekking through a rainforest, and delight in the Australian bush, all from the safe height of your horse’s back. The trail ride also includes a trip to Noosa’s North Shore surfing beach where you can canter along the sands. Australia has every type of scenery a horse lover could ask for.

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4. Nevada

Have you always dreamed of taking part in a cattle drive, or riding on horseback through the wilderness? If so, then you can’t go wrong with a break at the Cottonwood ranch in the north-east of Nevada. You can experience pack trips and horse drives, or mountain biking and snowmobiling as part of your stay on this working cattle ranch.
5. Spain

Near Madrid is the Sierra de Gredos mountain range which is home to a number of horseback experience options. Trail rides for any level of experience are available, including for families. You can travel on horseback up mountains, through forests and along ancient paths. There is even an impressive gorge to admire as you ride.
6. Argentina

Why not take a look at The Huechahue estancia – a vast working ranch which has a full and varied riding agenda for guests of all experiences. Rides through mountains, valleys and water meadows are all equally possible, as well as being able to help out with cattle around the ranch. Other options which guests here can enjoy include relaxing in the Jacuzzi, hiking, rafting and fishing.
7. Africa

More experienced horse riders might be brave enough to take part in a horseback safari experience in Botswana. The trip includes riding through the Okavango Delta which is an amazing area from which to view wildlife. This destination doesn’t come with luxury living as you’d be staying in a tent, however, if you’ve always wanted to see wild animals in their natural home, why not combine it with a love of horse riding for a truly unique holiday experience.
8. Machu Picchu

For a very different kind of horse riding adventure holiday, why not complete the Spanish conquistadors’ journey via the Inca trail to Machu Picchu? You will find yourself riding up the Andes in this Peruvian holiday, visiting wonderful Inca settlements.
9. Canada

For a real ranch experience and trails through the Rockies, take a look at holidays at Three Bars Ranch which is a family-run destination. There are more than 120 horses for riders of any ability, and an impressive 75,000 acres to explore.
10. Mongolia

Mongolia has a wide range of beautiful scenery to offer the horse enthusiast, with cultural cities, as well as mountains, lakes and valleys. The country has a long history of relationships with horses dating back centuries so why not explore this magic landscape from the saddle? 

From safaris on horseback to trekking through mountain ranges, there are a wide variety of vacations which can be experienced with horses, in a whole variety of countries and regions around the world.

Whether you want to take the whole family to experience life on a working ranch, or prefer to travel alone on a safari to view lions from the saddle, there is a suitable horse-loving holiday available to suit every budget and every lifestyle – the only limit is your imagination.

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