We Are Going To A Horse Show!

Well, actually, I am not the rider this time. I am just the coach, caller, mental trainer, groom and truck driver. But Hafl will start. He will enter at A and Eva will try her best to steer him through the tests. I would normally not lend my horse to anyone and it is actually the first time that he is shown by somebody else but this time we make an exception.

Hopefully I did not forget anything?

Eva still needs some scores for her next license otherwise, at the end of this year, all her so far achieved scores would be lost. That is when I offered Hafl as a safe bet as this is second level which should be easy for him, right? Eva had some issues in the beginning as she herself is owning a fancy warmblood and is not used to Haflinger sewing machine trot. They improved tremendously over the last few weeks so I am pretty positive about the weekend to come.

As we built our tack locker last year, all of the show stuff is neatly hidden in this huge piece of wood and steel, I just need to find the respective things that we should take along. I made a packing list as the show grounds is pretty far off from the parking lot meaning that I will pack another bag with the stuff we might need before and in between the tests. Thankfully, both of them are one after the other and they should not start earlier than early afternoon. As the weather turned pretty bad (and super cold, summer, what's wrong?), I still hope that I can bath Hafl today. His mane and tail need a good wash and some overnight braiding to keep them tidy until tomorrow.

Where is everything?!

It is kind of what I always wanted experience: years ago I started dreaming of Hafl carrying my little baby daughter through her first horse shows, perfectly turned out with the nicest braid in the whole show ring (him AND her of course). Well, it turns out that my "child" is now a grown up woman but still, I will do my best impression of helicopter mum and braid Hafl, put on boots and bell boots for the warm up (I hardly do that when I ride myself in a show as there is normally nobody to take them off), put on polos for the prize giving (yes, I am sure that he will be part of the prize giving), will scream and shout to make sure that she will ride a smooth test and give her mental support before, during and after the show. I am pretty sure that I will be the best helicopter mum that is none that one can be.

Seeing your horse being ridden by somebody else feels strange but it gives you the ability to tell them exactly what to do when problems arise. It is astounding how well I know Hafl after all this years and how much I trust him that he will give his best in the coming days. I guess he would even do the movements just because I am standing there and calling them out loud. It will be a super exciting weekend and I am looking forward to it. Finally a horse show, where I can dress up nicely (remember, I am still the groom) and will not sweat as hell.

It will be good!

Keeping our fingers crossed!

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