Making Savings In The Home When Taking Care Of Your Horse

Having a horse in your life can be an extremely rewarding and fulfilling hobby to have, however, it does come with huge responsibility. When you are fortunate enough to take care of your horse on your own grounds or farming, then you may thinking that this could be a saving compared to hiring stables and stalls on other farms. But there are further savings you can make and I wanted or share with you some of the less obvious options you could consider. 

Horses first, rest later

Good pasture management to ensure the protection of your horse
One of the first things you need to consider is good pasture management. When you let your horse graze on the fields, there could be plants and growths lurking and some of these plants can actually be poisonous to a horse. Checking over your fields regularly can help you avoid this in the future. Which in turn will help save on those unexpected vet bills.

Using energy saving bulbs in stalls and stables
We all need some light in the stables and stalls where our horses are kept, especially during the winter months when the nights get darker a lot sooner. One thing you may not have thought about would be the type of bulbs you have in them. It might be worth taking the time to invest in some energy saving ones, so that your energy bills are not skyrocketing during the winter.

Collecting rainwater
Your water bill can be quite high at times, especially if you are on a meter, so collecting rainwater can actually be a great way to reduce the amount of water you need to use. Collecting the water in tanks is a great way to start. You could look at websites like for more information about it. Horses can drink the rainwater, it can be used for washing down dirty hooves and even be used to clean up stables and areas where your horses are kept.

Using the horse manure for other things
Each day you will be cleaning out the stalls and stables, so why not put the horse manure to good use? Many farmers who have fields of crops, or people with vegetable patches like to use manure as a natural fertiliser. You could sell it and boost your income rather than just getting rid of it or letting it build up. This could also be an easier and more cost-effective way of disposing of it, and making savings in the process.

Enabling them to be outside as often as possible
Finally, when possible, ensure that your horse is outside as much as possible. If they are out in the natural field, then they are being self-sufficient to when it comes to food and water, as well as not using up energy in their stalls with lights etc. Of course, it isn’t possible to leave them out all of the time, and during the evenings, especially in winter, but taking advantage of good weather when you have it could give you some long-term savings overall.

I hope that this has helped you to think outside of the box when it comes to making those extra savings.

Building your own things can help, too

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