Keeping Your Steed Safe! The Ultimate Guide

Safe at horse shows

Our horses are not just animals or modes of transport. In fact, for the equine enthusiast, their horse is a mixture of riding partner and friend. After all, there are two in every riding team, and you'd probably look pretty silly with your mount! What I'm saying here is that our horses are precious to us and not just in a commercial way, and that is why it's crucial to take care of their safety. A topic you can read more about below.

Protect them from the sun
Just like humans many horses can be vulnerable to heat exhaustion, as well as sunburn and skin damage from UVA and UVB rays. This can be a particular problem if they spend the majority of the time outdoors.

Safe travels!

Luckily, you can take action to prevent this during the hot summer months. First be sure to provide your horse with enough water each and every day. After all the stuff does tend to evaporate in the heat, and if he can't get to it, it won't be doing him much good!

Also, don't be afraid to use some sunscreen, as well as a mask on his face to protect the delicate skin there from sunburn and flies. Lastly, remember that while all horse sweat, some are more vulnerable to this than others especially ones that are using a something like these fly rugs. Therefore it's vital that you sponge such steed down after a ride, as well as provide supplements that will allow them to top up their minerals levels. Something that can easily be depleted through excessive sweating and may cause harm to your horse if not replenished.


Next, when it comes to horse safety, the fencing that you chose to use around the stable or on your farm can make a huge difference. The reason for this is because that while barbed wire can seem like a secure option, it can be hazardous for horses.

Therefore is essential to use a style of fence that will keep your mount just where they should be at night, or when you aren't riding, but will also not pose a risk to their wellbeing. Barbed wire can catch on your horse's mane and skin and cause nasty injuries.

Happily, a solution can be found by using things like the sucker rods for sale from instead of more traditional fencing materials. The advantage of which is that there smooth, yet strong construction means they are a horse-safe choice.

A solid wooden fence

A safe stable environment
For many horses, spending at least some time stabled is a necessary part of their routine, especially in colder weather. Yes, it's true that it is not always ideal to keep them indoors, but you can significantly improve their experience and their safety by following some basic rules.

The first is that mucking out needs to be done every day. Otherwise, you risk all sort of nasty conditions that could not only put your horse in danger but also cause them significant suffering as well. Also, don't forget plenty of hay should be provided for munching, and that water troughs need to be checked and cleaned out regularly too. If you want to keep your horse safe from illness and infection that is!

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