Best Day Of 2019 So Far - Ditch The Double!

Yep, this has been it! The best day of the new year to date! I can hardly believe how awesome today was! Okay, at work I got a reward for entering the most improvement suggestions in the last quarter of 2018 - what I did not know was that with that, you get an extra additional day off AND you get a parking spot (marked!) right in front of your office for the next quarter! Okay, that was pretty awesome I guess because who does not like yet another extra day off? And I definitely need more days of this year but more on that in a later post!

Snaffle fans unite!

But the most amazing thing I read today was that the Austrian Equestrian Federation decided to follow the FEI guideline regarding bridles in dressage classes: from now onwards, you can ride FEI classes in a snaffle! Wait, what?! Did I read that right? No more forced double bridle happiness which was never too much of happiness for me. Don't get me wrong, I definitely understand the concept of the double but it simply does not feel right to me. It is definitely my problem as I am not able to establish a decent connection, always afraid of hurting Hafl. I bought him another curb and he seemed to be getting along with that way better than the years before in the standard curb. And still, I do not like the double. Really, I hardly ever school in the double. With the change, I now have the chance to concentrate on riding and not on how to hold two pairs of reins and not shortening the curb reins too much and you know what I mean.

This is definitely like a sign for me as I was already thinking of entering our first show for 2019 in March but was still (again) worried about the bridle. No more worries, we will for now stick to the snaffle and then, one day when we have to show Grand Prix, we will get back to the double. If the rules do not change by then, letting everybody choose the bridle he likes most.

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