What Is A Perfect Match?

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Just the perfect day of the year to think about the question: what is a perfect match? And I am not only talking about people here...

Have you ever wondered what an online profile of your horse would have looked like before you chose him? Hafl could have written something like: handsome him with ambitions, belly just looks too big because of short legs, hates cuddles, loves to be alone, would do anything for food. Would that be a perfect match for a curly-haired girl, dreaming of a dressage career, hard-working perfectionist, no experience in training young horses? Probably not.

Then, there are pictures. And no one would put up awful pictures of himself. On the contrary, it could happen that you end up with a little Photoshop here and there. You know you only have three seconds for a first impression.

Eventually, you meet him in person. And no matter what friends, family or your trainer say there it is, the magical moment of a perfect match. The moment when you literally fall in love with a curly forelock, with a slightly dismissive not yet ignorant attitude. A feeling you cannot explain and which cannot be explained in a rational way. How would a Haflinger fit a dressage diva? How on this earth would he ever ever be able to do things like pirouettes? Piaffe? Passage? How can she even think of things like that when all she had done before was walk, trot, canter on straight lines and circles? No one can talk you out of that, no matter what they say: you are convinced, you have found the one and only!

The perfect match cannot be found by algorithms and it cannot be the one that friends or trainers think that fits you. Only you decide whether it is a perfect match or not, with all the consequences. Do we have to work harder? Yes! Does it take longer to reach our goals? Yes! Is it worth it? Yes! Because I am lucky to have found my perfect match and I cannot imagine a day without working on my dreams with him.

Thank you, Hafl, for being my Valentine, every day!

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