What's In My Tack Closet?

After we moved to the new barn earlier in March, we did not have a closet for all that horsey stuff you need every day at the barn. And let me tell you, that is a lot. I was considering buying an Ikea one but honestly, I neither had the right space for the pre-made luxury nor was I convinced that he would survive in the harsh barn environment. Further, I knew that Hafl's stall would be far from where the closets are located so I needed a device (insert saddle trolley) that could do the heavy lifting and transporting stuff from A to B. 

Yet there was another constraint: space was limited as the other barn mates already had their huge closets all well set. Good - challenge accepted. I thus started planning a tailored closet with all the necessary accessories including a tailored saddle trolley where all the thingies we need would fit onto: saddle, bridles, boots, tall boots, wraps and polos, grooming kit, a pair of scissors, fly and mane spray... 

I came up with great plans and I hated myself when I started building it. I did all the sawing by hand as I still haven't bought my miter saw yet, it was definitely hard work to put all those parts together.

But I simply love the result! It is an amazing closet with tons of space and oh my God is it good looking. The best part is for sure the saddle trolley that fits perfectly into the closet and follows me around wherever I go. 

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