Equine Economy: Ways To Save Money While Caring For A Horse

Whether you've got one little pony or a collection, horses are expensive. There's no way around this. But what we need to do, when looking after a horse, is provide the essentials for them to thrive. This can be difficult due to the various expenses. But let's provide you with some ways to save money on keeping your horse healthy and happy.

Get Into The Reusing Mindset
It's not about buying new hay all the time, it's about reusing what you already have. The same applies to water. If you're looking for a way to cut back on your bills, and you are paying a lot for water, consider getting a water tank. Suppliers like Clark Tanks provide these, which can help you catch rainwater, you can then treat the water, and it is as good as bottled water. You can then use this water, not necessary for drinking, but for bathing and tending to them.

Minimizing Veterinarian Bills
One of the most expensive aspects of owning a horse is the vet bill. But if you can find ways to reduce the costs, either by checking the charges of various dentists or vets, you can find a cheaper alternative. In addition to this, it's worth getting in contact with other liveries in the nearby area to find out when their horses' annual vaccinations are due. You can then schedule these with one or more owners, minimizing the call-out charge. If the vets usually deworm the horse, give consideration to doing it yourself. But don't cut back on the necessary expenses, like immunizations.

Cutting Back On Your Equipment
As tempting as it is to buy used items across the board, some don't necessarily work. For example, if you purchase used helmets, they might not provide adequate protection. On the other hand, you can buy equipment like bridles or riding boots from the consignment area of the tack shop. It's also getting into the habit of repairing items instead of replacing them. Having access to a sewing machine can make every item go a little bit further, especially expensive rugs and blankets. And also, any item that has the word "horse" written on it is likely to cost more. A good example would be a horse brush, you don't necessarily have to purchase a horse brush, and your horse won't care what you are tending to them with.

Feeding Them Healthily
Always buy high-quality hay, but be sure to buy off the field, and also consider the time of year that you purchase hay. In the summer, hay is at its cheapest. Always compare prices, especially in terms of grain. Buying bulks of grain is less expensive than buying per bag. And also, as tempting as it is to go for the big-name brands, you can find "generic" feeds which are as good as a named brand. But always be sure to compare the ingredients and the quality.

There are ways to be economical when caring for your horse, it's just about getting into the right mindset.

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