As Seen Through Hafl's Eyes: Being (A) Patient....

The last 10 days were shaky and a bit difficult for us - Hafl needed to undergo surgery on one of his sarcoids which all of a sudden started to grow at the speed of light. He spent the last few days in the animal hospital and he just came back home a couple of hours ago - he is doing fine now. Curious about his HORSEpital experience? Let him tell you the details

Oh yes, I was worried!

Ok the last few days have been…just…I do not know what to say! HUMAN! What have YOU done? Short after Horsemas, one of my beauty spots (human has no clue, calls them sarcoids…) started to grow and did not stop. So my human decided on January 6 to call a human they call “vet”. This four eyed human took forever to come (public holiday who cares?! My human looks worried and needs help!) and I was already pissed of. Can you imagine that they left me two hours (could also be two days, who knows) without hay?! Luckily, soon the four eyed human came and started to look at my beauty spots in my private area (may I ask you kindly to stop looking at that and TOUCHING it?!). Then they started to talk about bringing me to HORSEpital - well, I guess yet another horse show...

All of a sudden humans start to hurry – Is that the hay wheelbarrow?! They bandaged me and wanted me to step into A trailer – but that was definitely not my trailer  - my human told me not to go with strangers  so what was going on? No horse show???? No hay??? My human looked worried – definitely because I haven’t had my hay yet!!! 

Thank God she was not driving, the other human (Wax's human, uh, where is he?!) did - my human was already seeing red lights where they were none! Could somebody please calm that human? I cannot stand her being like that!!!

Soon we arrived at what humans call horsepital. Was that a place for a show? A vacation? What was it? Another human asked us to go into a strange barn…all covered with blue foil – no sheddings, no hay – I am not going to stay in here without HAY! I mean what show was that supposed to be and WHERE the hell are the other horses? I felt something was not show-venue-like!

Oh, the four eyed human again - as you have touched my private area I might call you VET - and I am not sure whether to like you or not... Maybe some hay or treats would change my mind. What is he holding in his hands? The thing that pricks! Oh, now I now! I got that several times so I was cool and fiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeee….

Human? Hello? Anybody? I feel weired…wait, is this going to last forever?! Where the heck are my hooves? OH MY GOD I lost my legs?! Why is the world around me turning and turning …and wait, there is the beauty spot missing!!! Four eyed human, what have you done? THAT is NOT going to improve our relationship! Right, there are humans…trying to lead me somewhere…slow…slooow…I said SLOW! Can’t you see I am missing some legs? Or hooves? Is that a stall? Where am I??? Oh, HAY! I missed you so much!!! Is this horsepital? I love horspital!

The first night was akward…but hey, my human apparently  send me for vacation…some well-deserved recreation…neighbors are nice (I haven't shown too much interest in them yet), service is perfect! They even booked full board for me… ok, the one human who is touching me at my lost beauty spot and doing god knows what with it – THAT HURTS! That is a drawback ...I need to talk to my human about that - they might need to get rid of that human...

Uh humans, you are visiting me! Glad that you are here! I LOVE you! Oh, hay, nomnomnomnomnom...

Ok I must have been here for ages! No turnout, no riding...oh, human, hi, what are you doing here? Treats??? Good! This is paradise, let’s stay here…

I am doing fine...

Boring…boring…boring…human, I can assure you I AM DOING FINE…could go home now…wait, hay! Whoo hoo…let’s stay! 

Uh more humans visiting me - more humans means more treats! GOOD!

Extra humans bringing extra treats

Neighbors! I hate neighbors! HOW CAN THEY BE THAT NASTY? I am busy the whole day with clarifying who the boss is - no question, there can be only one! Humans, let’s go home now..oh hay! Let’s stay forever!!! 


Oh my rain all day, no turnout, but as long as there is hay, there is hope!

Enough! I cannot stand the neighbors anymore, the boredom is killing me, human is in a rush not having time for enough treats! AM I IN HELL? Wait?! HAY? Everything will be good...

Ok, human, you are disturbing me! I want to eat my hay and you keep talking to the other human about me going home..I am eating! Can't you see???

No TV at home or why are you watching me?!
HAY five...are there my humans again? What are the bringing? A halter? Bandages? I simply DO ignore them...I am NOT leaving without my hay! WHERE are we going? HOME?! Is there hay?

So we obviously drove home... Rain outside, no hay inside....congratulations, human, I was in PARADISE and now? In a trailer, without hay! Can it get any worse?!

Oh, there we are, let's say hello to my BRONYs - anybody interested that I am back? 

There it is my stall, I can smell the hay, let me run quickly into it OH MY GOD SOMETHING TOUCHED MY FOOT!!! I need to go back to horsepital I tell you human...oh, that were carrots?! What are they doing on the floor????? What a pity, somebody has to sacrifice himself and eat all of them...let it be me...

Something touched my foot!
Humans stayed some more minutes, I started biting the neighbor on the left...ahhhhh....feels good to be home again...human less worried...important for me...oh, there is HAY!

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