Blue Monday Happiness - Hafl Back on Track!

Hiking with our patient yesterday afternoon
Is it really already a year after last Blue Monday?! So is it time to feel depressed now AGAIN? well, per definition, yes. Blue Monday is the worst day of the year. Last year, I was already stating: good bye, Blue Monday, see you next year?! ( As posted last year, Blue Monday (just following 'Ditch New Year's resolution Day' past Saturday) is a mixture of bad weather conditions, debt, time passed since Christmas, and - of course - Monday. What's more, oftentimes now we discover that New Year's resolutions did not work out as planned.

What is our contribution to Blue Monday this year? Sure, it is still a Monday. We will never change that. And yes, Monday is not our favorite day of the week. Debt - or more general, financial expenses. Yep, I am in for that, horsepital full board and car inspection were the well know icing on the cake in last weeks balance sheet. Time passed since Christmas - really, who cares? The only thing to regret is that you did not do your exercises after eating too much during holidays. Bad weather conditions - seriously?! I cannot remember when I was the last time wearing high heels instead of winter high heels (aka boots) for work. New Year's resolutions - well, you know as I already stated earlier this month, they do somehow not count - let's see them as stretch goals  - and there is still plenty of year ahead for that.

Concluding, I am feeling fine. Actually, perfectly fine. Why? Because after two weeks of break I will swing myself into my saddle again. Hafl's swelling has reduced such that I believe that he can stand some exercise now. And that makes me indescribably happy. And go through Monday easily, smiling more than I use to do on Mondays, looking forward to get out of the office and into the barn. Never mind that it is Blue Monday, or grey November or rainy weather: it is our thoughts that determine how we feel. Circumstances have an influence for sure, but one that wants to be happy, can be happy!

So drag yourself out of the negative emotions no matter where they came from and go outside for a ride:

Hafl imPATIENTly waiting for me

Even though the footing was far from perfect, having this view again made me feel super happy today - you can go home now, Blue Monday, you can do me no harm!

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