I Can Stand The Pain...

Hafl is such a brave boy! This week, he got some more time to recover, swelling almost gone, the wound healing. We did some more work this week, some dressage training, some running around like mad with his best friend, some hacking today in the morning.

He really feels great under saddle and I can hardly believe that he has been on sick leave for two weeks. Riding feels super easy, all movements going well - what if this break helped him (and me!) to relax more?

Hey, you need me?!

I am busy, sorry!

Actually, it really seems as if. After thinking of all the goals and desired achievements for this year, his surgery showed me that you can plan some things but not all. Somehow I feel a bit calmed down, cherishing the time we have together, hoping for the best for his sarcoids and the ongoing journey with them.

As long as there is food...

I do believe though that he loves what he does - he looks great nowadays, even his fur starts to shine again, his eyes open and friendly. I also feel way more comfortable in saddle, happier, easier. This surgery might have been the turning point for me to concentrate on the riding itself more than in overanalyzing it. Sure, we won't stop riding dressage - but the grimness seems to have gone.

Relaxed after a Sunday morning hack

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