Monthly Round-Up: What You Should Not Have Missed On Dressage Hafl In March 2016

Don't you hate it when you do not have enough time to read all the interesting things on the internet? And once you have time, you will never find those interesting articles again. You are not alone - that is why I decided to round up the best blog post of each month for you. You're welcome!

This month, I not only felt truly loved, I also got a great guest blog from The Dressage Tipster and wrote one for, I thought about unhappy people and remembered walking in the sand...

When you feel truly loved
I have to admit, I am a bad person when it comes to interpersonal relationships. While I can easily keep my schedules and appointments when it comes down to Hafl and riding, I can hardly ever keep that same level of ambition with other people. I do not even know why but I am a real bad friend. I do not think that I do it on purpose. Probably, many would not see me at all when not scheduling and appointment or coming over for a chat. Do I ever take the opportunity to invite people to meet me? Do I ever call them? Probably not. I guess I do not even know a single number of them by heart [...]

What do you think separates the great from the good? Do you look at the so called ‘elite’ riders and wish that was you?

I’ll get straight to the point, their success is the result of their philosophy; they will undoubtedly have a great attitude; a state of mind that says ‘I can do this’[...]

Recently, I read an article called: Ten troubling habits of unhappy people and I thought to myself: could these apply to equestrians as well? Here is what I think[...]

Two years ago, I had the chance to ride on a beach for the first time in my life! It was such a special experience, the feeling of freedom when cantering along the beach with the waves approaching you. Feeling the breeze, smelling the salty water... wow! I have to admit that I was afraid, too, but Hafl was simply great and after some initial problems of convincing him to step into the ocean, he truly enjoyed it. For sure, I need to go back there one day [...]

My love for Haflingers started early. I always loved horses but when I was offered to take care and ride a Haflinger mare, a school horse, in exchange of mucking stables when I was 14, I definitely fell in love with these special ponies. Learning how to handle those cute blondes had an everlasting impact on my horsey life. I was allowed to work here on my own and, on top of that, I took lessons, mostly in show jumping back then. She was the devil in disguise: once in the ring, she [...]

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