Off To The Races? These Are The Fences You Must Hurdle

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Going to a racecourse is an amazing experience. If you are heading there for the first time, you can expect fun, adrenaline, and (hopefully) a lot of money. However, if the event is going to go to plan, there are pitfalls to avoid. After all, no one wants to spend a fortune and stand on their feet all day if it isn’t going to be enjoyable. To help you out, below are the main considerations to factor in. Without further ado, here are the mistakes to make when you go off to the races.

Dress According To Your Ticket
For the most part, women put on fancy dresses and wear nice hats and men don a suit. Still, a stiff collar and a tie and a tight frock aren’t for everyone. And, it is possible to wear jeans and a t-shirt for general admission. But, before you commit, check the ticket type. Some racecourses in the world sell tickets which compel the visitor to follow a dress code. Ascot, the royal racecourse, is one such venue. The Queen might not frequent the course you are going to, but a dress code might apply all the same. A quick glance at the rules and regulations on the website will shed light on the issue.

Don’t Try And Stay Under Budget
There is nothing wrong with having a budget when betting and alcohol are expensive. Let’s face it; things can spiral out of control and you could spend more money than you realise. However, the more you stick to a rigid plan, the less fun you will have. As a rule, people who frequent a racecourse need to accept they are going to spend money. So, once you have your budget, don’t try and undercut it because it will impact on the fun.

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Do Your Research

If you want to take the opportunity to make money, research is the key. Of course, there are lots of free racing tips online which are available at the click of a button. And, they are useful to keep in your mind on the big day. Still, they aren’t the only resources at your disposal. The track has a range of features which can help, from the paddock to newspapers and a track guide. By watching the horses in the paddock, for instance, it is easier to spot the nervous ones and the confident ones. And, if you hear a tip or two while walking around, it’s all the better.

Have A Meeting Point

Race days are busy, and attending a meeting can be frantic. What with moving around to place bets, buy a drink and go to the toilet, it is easy to lose the group. Not to alarm you, but standing alone watching the horses from the stands isn’t the best way to spend a day. With that in mind, find and agree on a meeting point for the day. If you get lost or lose anyone, it is a simple process to locate the group again. A phone helps, too.

A day at the races is an amazing experience, and it is even better with the advice above.

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