[Guest Blog] Top Safety Tips When Horse Riding On The Road

While it’s nice letting our horses stretch their legs with a ride around the field, it’s sometimes necessary for us to head out onto the road for whatever reason. Obviously this brings with it some dangers and plenty of things that need to be considered to ensure you and your horse stay safe.

If you’re new to riding on the road, haven’t done it in a while and need a refresher, or you’re teaching others, check out the graphic below from Country & Stable. Obviously there are rules that motorists need to abide by, and it’s probably safe to say that most accidents are caused by those who do not, but there are still plenty of ways we riders can do our bit to stay safe on the roads.

The graphic highlights some of the most important aspects of road safety for riders, including wearing appropriate safety gear, riding in good conditions, maintaining correct road position, and more. These are all very helpful tips, particularly for those who haven’t ridden on the road before, but it’s handy for all of us to keep them in mind, even if we’ve been on the roads many times before. Do you have any other tips for riding on the road you’d like to share?

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