Workcation Day 5: Time To Say Goodbye

And that was it! My workcation is eventually over! The final day consisted of handing over birthday presents to fellow equestrians (why can't you properly cover what there is in an equestrian birthday present?) and some chatting while having coffee, a quick round in the gym followed by some more trailer repairing plus some work on my tack locker - which is still not finished yet as I had not enough washers. So one task of my task list for sure not finished.

And now, it is repaired!

Almost finished

Trying to hide - you guessed it - a saddle pad!
And then came the best part of the day: having a nice ride on Hafl plus a little bit of swimming in the river! This time, without tack meaning that he could enjoy the fresh water to the fullest. Last but not least, I headed to the open air cinema on the probably most beautiful day of the week. A French movie with my mum and sister was definitely a nice ending of this gorgeous week.

Where are your legs, Hafl?
Great movie to finish a great week
Even though lying on the beach might have been more relaxing, it would have also meant that all the open task would still be open. I definitely managed to finish most of the things I wanted to finish and that really feels great. Oh, I forgot, also started packing - for my next business trips and: my 1-night holiday at the beach! Cheers!

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