Workcation Day 4: There Is No Clean Like Miss Clean!

While yesterday was super lazy, today was again super productive. Day 4 of my workcation was filled with cleaning.

What a picturesque scenery

I started off with cleaning my barn closet and drawers making them clean and shiny and everyone else in the barn jealous. After that, we had yet another lesson with my trainer. With the outdoor arena still soaked following yesterday's thunderstorm, we went into the indoors, this time with the double bridle on. Hafl felt a bit tired which is pretty obvious after having worked for six straight days now. The trot was really good and even the canter felt a little bit better although he was lazy behind. We worked again on more bending and getting the shoulders off the rail, on circles and straight lines. The double did not seem to bother him too much today, so I am hopeful that we both once will like it a bit.

Nice and tidy!

Hafl thinks it is pretty unnecessary to go for a ride instead of going into the fields

I thought it was a great idea to ride to the river afterward to have his feet cooled down. He enjoyed staying in the fresh water for almost half an hour and passer-bys liked us so much that they took pictures of us! Hafl for president!

Pictures taken by a lady who was so kind to send them to me afterwards

My tack suffered from the slightly dustier indoor, which led to cleaning action number two of today: all bridles, the saddle, my brown boots and spurs got a thorough cleaning with saddle soap followed by a layer of oil. All nice and tidy, it was time for a lunch break and a little chit chat. Preparations for our show are in full swing, the whole day was busy with people coming and setting up the temporary stalls, shavings from Hungary arrived, some people towed their horses to train them in the show arena. All that kept me from finishing my tack locker - a task for tomorrow.

Tack cleaning excellence

Against my own will, I got changed and still went to the gym for a quick workout - my muscles are still aching just to let you know. After that, I felt compelled to eventually clean my car - I guess my family and coworkers will thank me for that! How much hair and shavings can be in one single car, uh?

Fastest person when it comes to running out of the gym

Still on my feet, I cleaned my apartment and did the ironing - you see, I am the perfect housewife as well! Honestly, everything is so clean now, I hardly want to move or use anything. Good thing with traveling is that your apartment, car etc.stay pretty clean as you are obviously not there to make a mess.

Can it be that some of this horsy stuff actually lives in my trunk?

Tomorrow is my last day of workcation. There are still some tasks on my list but I guess it could be done in an afternoon. I also want to take Hafl for another swim as it should be really hot tomorrow - but not in my riding boots, I just cleaned them today!

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